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[epic 1] 護星天使、降臨

A few thoughts on non-epic 1.

* Yasuhiro Takeuchi is GoseiRed. Finally, some versatility for the leader of the team. He also looks better even though he is the shortest suit actor among the males. Now the question is, does Arata deserve to be portrayed in suit by someone as good as Takeuchi-san ?

* The opening and ending clips make things feel peaceful, inoffensive... which is probably the whole point of this new series. It could be just me, but I think some scenes (specially during the ending credits) could have been edited/blent better with the music.

* I still don't like the cast, but after watching the first episode, I don't think they are terrible, just extremely young-looking (thank God a certain someone is no longer part of my f-list or I'd have to read a massive amount of atrocities every week about these kids...).

* I did not like the villains before, but I have changed my mind now. Their strategist (Bredran ?, aka the blue armoured creature) is my favourite. Mons Drake (the leader) looks pretty cool too. Shame that these invasors don't have sky fighters.

* The henshin sequence was -IMO- a less exciting version of the Gaoranger henshin. Also, the constant arms movements with their changer each time they use a card plus certain sound effects feel very unnecessary.

* For a moment I thought the giant headers the Goseigers summoned were their vehicles (they are reduced when they go through the cards tunnel, eh ?).  The devices' voice... I think it sounds exactly like the weapons from one of those Takara-Tomy shows. Ryukendo, perhaps?

* I felt like Shinkenger showed everything they had in the very first Act, but later everything fell apart and all the characters ended being extremely annoying. Goseiger begins in a more modest manner, so I hope that means things will end in a more positive light.

Not a great start, but certainly better than I expected.